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Sway is Joining Roblox!

Today the Sway team is excited to announce that we are joining Roblox Corporation. Roblox is building the metaverse and every day millions of people come together virtually to share experiences on Roblox’s platform. We will be focused on bringing our AI-driven creation framework to the next generation of Roblox Avatars.

When we first launched Sway in late 2019, we had the vision of democratizing generative AI technologies in a different way to bring people together. We developed a fun but powerful app that enabled people to create videos of themselves performing extraordinary body movements, including dancing, sports, martial arts and more. The Sway app, however, will be shut down as of September 24, 2021. We want to thank Sway Nation for all of their support and hope you have enjoyed making and sharing Sway videos with your friends and families. We also want to thank our friends, family, investors and everyone who has been part of our journey for all of their support.

We believe Roblox is the future of how we will play, work, learn and share experiences together. We share the same vision and values with Roblox and are optimistic about what we can build together.

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Your Digital Stunt Double

Our motion filters transform your everyday moves into mindblowing stunts.